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Advanced Cognitive Therapy uses a clinically proven breakthrough for anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. Working with a highly experienced, compassionate therapist, you can increase your self-esteem, improve relationships, and resolve career problems. And the results are lasting. Individual, couples, and group therapy is available via office visits, telephone, and online videoconferencing. In addition, workshops for couples are available. Call now or email for a consultation. Get your life back.

Advanced Cognitive Therapy of New York specializes in Cognitive Therapy, Schema Therapy, Group Therapy, EMDR, Couples Therapy and Couples Workshops. Cognitive Therapy is a short-term, problem focused treatment that is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Schema Therapy addresses life-long patterns that reduce self-esteem, disconnect you from other people, inhibit your feelings and emotions, and magnify vulnerabilities about basic safety issues. EMDR can rapidly relieve anxiety symptoms in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy. Couples therapy accurately diagnoses relationship breakers in your relationship and uses clinically proven techniques to help you and your partner stay together happily. Couples Workshops offer an intensive, one-day format designed to help couples rapidly improve their relationship. Group therapy can help you receive valuable feedback from peers in a safe environment, a powerful tool to help you improve personal interactions. Click for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Call now for a consultation to discuss therapy options: (212) 725-7774 or (888) 4-ACT-NYC or contact us via our online form.



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